Sourendro & Soumyojit

World Music Day

Soumyojit & Sourendro organise the World Music Day Concert - Kolkata Chapter with participation of avid music connoisseurs, fellow musicians from different parts of the world joining their experiments and overwhelming stagecraft. Kolkata, the cultural hub of India - got this new calendar event and observes this day with the duo's effort.

The Governor of West Bengal inaugurates the festival and delivers an address every year. This annual event started in 2009 and is ever growing - with audience, stature, participation enlarging and is increasing every year.

The spectacle about this festival remains much beyond simple collaboration of music. It is all about developing very special art forms. Poets, Musicians, Painters, Choreographers, Technical Experts in Light, Sound, Installation Art, Fashion Designers form a syndicate to execute this Larger than Life event every year.

Apart from enjoying the newer works of Sourendro-Soumyojit, they also witness special inputs from nationally and internationally acclaimed artists like Stephan Stoppok, Kavita Krishnamurti, Usha Uttup, Jeet Ganguly, Martin Keubert, Carrie Dimaculangan and many others. Be it musical melanges, broadway style theatres as Mahabharata - this stage sees experiments with consistency.

Folk artists from India and abroad join the festival every year. With this platform growing, even other producers have started trusting this base as a stage to showcase excellence.

Guests of Honour

Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Shri M k Narayanan, Shri Keshari nath Tripathi, the Governors of West Bengal has consented to be the chief guest to the event so far.

Union Minister Shri Dinesh Trivedi to film maker Aparna Sen, Industrialists Shri Harshvardhan Neotia, Sanjay Budhia to consul general’s of different nations, musicians, friends from media and a huge crowd of connoisseurs have taken the seats of audience.

"I had full faith in the artistry of Sourendro and Soumyojit, their Mahabharata is a visual delight. I missed Mr. Peter Brook's live stage on Mahabharata in Kolakata, I am happy that I did not miss their musical interpretation on Mahabharata." - Aparna Sen

"I am the biggest fan of Sourendro & Soumyojit, When I will no more be the Governor of West Bengal, I shall still make it, coming to the city just to attend their concert." - M K Narayanan, Ex-Governer of WB

"I know Sourendro N Soumyojit for years now, I am aware of their immense talent, so when they are re interpreting my old songs their way, with me. I am safe, and I am enjoying it." - Kavita Krishnamurthy

"I being the deputy high commissioner of UK shall never have tried reading out a poem onstage, but this World Music Day concert is not any general stage." - Scott F Wood, British Deputy High Commissioner in Kolkata