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  • Just 2 days to go for our dream project 'KOHINOOR' this is the biggest production of ours till date . Ones who ha…

    Mon Jun 18 19:33

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Upcoming Events

  • Launch of SnS Records

    Recording originals with friends across Europe.

  • Concert Tour of Europe

    Starts with Rodif Stadt World Music Festival with Stoppok & Artgonessen; Closes with Legends of India at Nehru Center, London.

  • Tagore & We 3

    Featuring Stoppok and Rekha Bharadwaj

featured songs

  • Only A Heart

    Only A Heart

  • Aaj Jemon Kore Gaiche Aakash

    Aaj Jemon Kore Gaiche Aakash

    Tagore & We
  • Aye Zindagee Chal Kahin

    Aye Zindagee Chal Kahin

    Back To The Future
  • Dekha Hobe Ei Banglay

    Dekha Hobe Ei Banglay

    Dekha Hobe Ei Banglay

know us

strings straining Bhairavi - glimpsing Beethoven through an interlude, a passage from Ghalib, bollywood recycled with blues, jazz and folk songs draped in symphony - for a wild interpretation with newest stagecraft - tune yourself for SourendroSoumyojit. yes your world will be wider, wilder. one pianoman and one passionate singer - awaited for you to share their way of being wondered.

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